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In under 4 minutes you’ll have beautiful tanning results! In a warm and private automated spray tanning booth, you’ll have a streak-free, healthy-looking, natural tan. So, what are you waiting for?

Custom Airbrush Tanning

A custom airbrush spray tan is a 1-on-1, personalized, spray tanning session with a professional sunless technician. The spray tech, using a high-pressure spray gun, will apply sunless solution to the areas you desire during your scheduled session. Sessions often include full-body application, legs only, or facial sprays

Our Sunless Tanning Specialists are certified, skilled and experienced. You can rest assured that you are receiving the best tan from a trained professional.

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Spray Tanning
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is dha?

DHA is the main tanning ingredient used in all of Sunless Revolution’s airbrush tanning solutions. DHA is dihydroxyacetone, a carbohydrate (monosaccharide sugar) compound approved by the FDA for use in externally applied sunless tanning solutions.

2. Should I prepare for my session?

2. Exfoliate and shave the day before or the day of the sunless spray tanning session (day before is preferred).

The day of the Sunless spray tanning session refrain from using moisturizers, perfumes, lotions, oils or deodorants that may create a barrier between the skin and the Sunless tanning solution. You may resume using these after your first shower or bath.

3. I sweat easily, will I have uneven tan?

Sweat and water (including rain) will immediately hault the tanning development process. To diminish excessive sweating you need to exfoliate your skin before getting your spray tan. Try to avoid spray tanning on a hot day. We also have “Wet One” wipes to use over your body before the spray tan application.

You can also use talcum powder where you are likely to sweat once your spray tan application is dry. It is also recommended to wear dark, loose cotton clothing.

4. What if I have fair skin?

Our fair-skinned clients are amazed at the results of a spray tan. Most have the misconception that there is only one shade of spray tan solution, dark.

This is not the case and the majority of the time we will use our lowest percentage DHA solution which is typically 8.5%. Our spray tan technicians are trained to lightly mist our fair-skinned clients which will produce a beautiful glow.

5. Is the color instant?

Yes. The solutions we use have a bronzing color agent in the blend so that we can see where we are spraying. This will insure even color all over your body. The agent will wash off with your first shower however the DHA will be developing underneath the bronzer over the next 8 to10 hours.

The longer you can go without showering (up to 10 hours) the more time your tan will have to fully develop.

6. Can I apply makeup right away?

You can apply a light coverage of makeup after being spray tanned but if you wash and rinse it at all before waiting the 10 to 12 hours you will stop the tan from developing anymore. Spray tanning the face is a choice.

If you choose to do your face we recommend getting only a light spray applied. It’s easier to blend makeup on a lighter face than to lighten up a tanned face and still look natural.

7. What should i wear?

You can wear undergarments, a bathing suit, or nothing. Your chosen attire should be whatever you are completely comfortable with.

One of the main benefits of a QTan one-of-a-kind experience is that our all our airbrush technicians and consultants are professionally trained and certified, so you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

8. Do I have to remove body hair?

It is adviseable to shave or wax at least 8 hours BEFORE bein spray tanned. Both remove the top layer of the skin and opens your pores. Spray tanning right afterwards can clog your pores and give the appearance of freckle spots where you have shaved or waxed. If you shave or wax after your spray tan you will accelerate the exfoliating process and reduce the life of your tan.

9. Wil the spray tan dry out my skin?

Most spray tan solutions have a minimal percentage of pure alcohol or drying perservative in th blend.

As long as you regularly apply moisturizer while maintaining your spray tan it will not dry out your skin.

After being spray tanned you should moisturize twice daily to slow down your skins exfoliation process.

10. Will my skin look orange?

There are two main factors that can cause the orange undertones that you see with spray tanning. First is too much DHA applied to your skin. Either there were too many applications or too high a concentration of DHA in a single application. The other factor is the balance of your skin’s PH level. A true professional knows how to identify and prevent these combinations from occuring with your tan.

We offer a No Orange hue guarantee with each of our services. A spray tan should not go orange if applied correctly. We also custom blend our solution to match the right skin tones. A fair person would receive a solution that is completely different from someone with olive skin.

11. How long will my tan last?

You can expect a your spray tan to last anywhere between 5-7 days. The life of your tan depends on how well the recommended skin care regime is followed; before, during, and after the professional application. Factors may also include each individuals skin type, and skin chemistry. Individual results may vary.